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Karen Slater's press headshot

"Slater played the character with a touching vulnerability"  The Globe and Mail, Kelly Nestruck (Hogtown Experience - Maddy Foster) 

"A steely performance by Karen Slater" The Toronto Star, Carly Maga (Hogtown Experience - Pauline Drabble)

 "Karen Slater has a very practiced voice.  It's articulate and glassy with the highest notes held by an effortless warble" - The Guardian, Lennie MacPherson  (Anne & Gilbert)

"Karen Slater’s take of Maddy was nothing short of refreshing, honest and relatable." R Blog, Heather McNeice (Hogtown Experience - Maddy Foster)

"Karen Slater shows us an intriguing duality in Catherine: her body language is purposeful and imposing, yet she seems to be uncomfortable in her own skin." Mooney on Theatre (Proof)

"Stand out vocals by Slater" Life with More Cowbell, (Hogtown Experience - Maddy Foster)

"In terms of the acting ability, the performances were second to none.  Karen Slater who played our female protagonist Catherine, was a joy to watch and captivated the theatre-goers. She portrayed her character with such passion and determination…making it a believable and natural performance."  The Entertainment Fairy (Proof)

"Slater gives a lovely performance as the troubled and brilliant Catherine." Life with More Cowbell, (Proof)

Claire Frances Muir’s Libby Prowse, “Canada’s first female doctor” and her scenes with Maddie (Karen Slater), the golden-voiced mayor’s daughter, were extremely compelling. Mooney on Theatre (Hogtown Experience - Maddy Foster) 

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