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Canadian/UK Passport

Height: 5'4"

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue


Vocal Range: Soprano F3 - G6 

Karen Slater

Karen Slater's resume headshot
Recent Theatre Credits

Hogtown | Hogtown Collective | ​Sam Rosenthal

Maddy Foster


Proof | Theatre UnBlocked | Carl Jackson​

Pirates of Penzance | Confidential Project | Rob Corbett


Dorothea Gage

Dancocks Dance | Hogtown Collective | Sam Rosenthal

Playwrights Cabaret | The Grand Theatre | Meghan Watson


Anne & Gilbert: The Musical | The Guild PEI | Martha Irving

Anne Shirley

*Full theatre resume available upon request


A Soft Place to Land | 120 Diner 

Featured Soloist 

Special Skills

Accents: British

Singing in Languages: German, French, Italian, English

Instruments: Flute (excellent), Piccolo (very good), Guitar (basic), Piano (basic)

Dance: Intermediate Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Contemporary

Athletics: Yoga, Cyclist, Kettlebell 

Stage Craft: Stilts (basic), Stage Combat (intermediate)

Other: Fully Licensed Driver 

Training & Workshops

Ryerson Theatre School | BFA 

Summer Opera Lyric Workshop 

Yorkshire Opera Workshop

Academy of Dramatic Combat | Steve Wilsher

Stage Combat | Siobahn Richardson, Matt Richarson

Acting Coaches | Joseph Ziegler, Nancy Palk

Singing Teachers | Mark Daboll, Judy Woods

Musical Theatre | Tracy Michilidis 


The Bush Family Series / CNN / Robin Dashwood

Young Laura Bush (Small Principle)

A Song for Us / Indie Feature / Peter Hitchock


Disasters at Sea "Norman Atlantic" / Discovery ID / Dave Tebby

Mia Daltas (Actor)

Blue Bird / Short Film / Omer Khan

Naomi Vaughan (Lead)

The Witches Ball / Netflix / Justin Dyck

Brooke (Lead)

Baker Street / Web Series / Bryan Kowalsky

Jane Watson (Lead)


List available upon request

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